Monday, March 09, 2009

Dirty Hippie Update

It's been a bit since the last update, and I haven't gotten much painting done - Kathryn was able to visit for her spring break.

I've been asked by a buddy to paint his Nyss Hunters, which I'm currently working on. In exchange, I get full use of all his paints and a unit of Shifting Stones. Seems like a decent deal; it's a minimum unit of elves.

....soooo much detail! I gave them all a wash of thinned-down black, and I think I'll take the armor from there - maybe do the metal bits and add another wash of Badab Black on top, and call it done. They're to be table-top quality, not display... The bases will get a simple flock-and-snow treatment, appropriate for the climate. So far, the quivers and scabbards are done in Bloodstone, with Coal Black on the ribbons. Looks alright, and it's fairly quick so far.

Circle-wise, I've got a bunch of things that are almost-done, but nothing except Kaya that's really finished. Even the Gnarlhorn needs more finishing touches, an armor wash here, some bronze there, etc. But there's slow progress, at least...

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