Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hippie Druids Continue

I managed to pick up a blackclad wayfarer and a gorax last week(finally!) and have been slowly working on those two. The blackclad is getting painted slowly but surely, and I'm trying to keep my paints watered down and use multiple coats to get a good decent coverage on the black primer.

The gorax was cut apart and reposed to change the stock pose in small but important ways. He's now stepping forward just a bit, and his arms are getting a repose as well. The face will be the biggest change; I just have to get up the courage to start sculpting in green stuff.

I've also been making some mushrooms for bases, which are actually really fun to make. Also, gobber houses are back, and two are in production right now.



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ok, I Got This

Here we gooooo!

If you're interested in getting some miniatures painted, look us up on Facebook!

Just follow the above button to view our page, and feel free to send me an email for pricing quotes on various items! Send a mail to: with the title heading PAINTING.

I strive for a high tabletop quality, which means that your miniatures will look good on the table even if you're a few feet away. I use Privateer Press' P3 as well as Games Workshop paints, and take care with each model.

Testing Like Button

Another test.

A Test for Something New

I recently started a Facebook page for a painting service I've started, which will also encompass a lot of my sewn products from Etsy and so on.

Here's the Facebook "Like" box that hopefully will work...

If it doesn't, you can look up Greyed Out Productions on Facebook to find me.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Dirty Hippie Druids Return

The past few weeks and months have brought many changes, and 2011 is looking to be a wonderful year. This past May I graduated with a degree in Theatre from West Texas A&M University, and I'm really looking forward to getting more sewing and crafting experience. A very short time ago I moved to Atlanta to live with my fiancee, and recently had a chance to visit a really great store, Giga-Bites Cafe in Marietta, to play some Warmachine against new opponents.

The dirty hippie druids have been growing much more slowly than I'd like, but I'm hoping to expand with a few infantry units and some constructs soon. I'm hoping to start a miniature painting service soon, for tabletop standard for those people who don't have the time or inclination to paint their own stuff.

Also, I found that the iPhone takes surprisingly good pictures.


The Stoneward and Woldstalkers are the very latest addition to my army, and painted just a few weeks ago.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Felt Pouch Mouse!

I've been absent for wayyyy too long. Life does get busy, sometimes. Since my last post, I've graduated with a degree in theatre, and started an Etsy. We've transitioned in Warmachine from the old edition to MkII - a welcome change for everyone involved, I think. Now that the final books for Hordes Mk 2 are finally being released(Forces of Hordes: Minions is due in December), the year is ending on a good note.

For the Etsy I've been working on what I call pouch mice - they're little mouse-shaped critters made from felt, with an inner fabric pouch that's closed with snaps. They have button eyes, and little yarn tails. I think they're pretty amazing. I think they'd make pretty awesome Christmas gifts, not that I'm pushing for sales or anything. ;)

Check'em out:





And my Etsy can be found at:

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Druids in ur woodz...

A few shots of work in progress. The druids are actually pretty simple to paint, and they're great sculpts, very characterful. I'm nearing completion on the unit, and after that is a unit of Sentry Stone and Mannikins.

Kromac is also still being worked on, and he's got enough detail that it may take a bit to get everything covered, but I love the sculpt, and I'm getting a decent hair color on him; Thin coat of Bloodtracker Brown followed by a thin coat of Khador Red Highlight. Good stuff.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh LGS, how we love thee.

A few weeks ago(13 days, if you want to get technical) I ordered a unit of Druids and some Sentry Stones from the LGS(local game store). Usually when you order stuff it'll be in within a week, unless of course the owner forgets to place the order. Which happened in this case, and kind of sucks a little bit, since I'd been looking forward to painting the Druids. I can understand forgetting to order a solo or blister of infantry. But $50 worth of stuff that I prepaid for? Kind of a let-down. Don't get me wrong, I usually don't mind the LGS owner, and I've been trying to support the store with my Circle army a wee bit more than with the lots of Khador I already own. After all, we game there at least once a week. But it's incidents like this that make me understand why people would rather order from the internet, where you can usually find stuff at 20% off. Gah!

Anyways. The Nyss have been finished and handed off to their owner. Now on my painting desk is Krueger, Human Kromac, and the rest of the stuff I still need to finish. And a Talon. And soon, one should hope, some Druids.

I've been on a big Privateer Press kick lately, and spend more time on their forums than on my usual ones, but the past week or so the Circle Orboros community has been full of nothing but whine, and it's a bit disappointing. I understand that MkII will change things, but come on guys... don't be such downers.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Painting Log, Oh Boy.

Right now the list stands as follows:

Gnarlhorn - last details and loincloth

Argus #1 - last bits of armor detail

Argus #2 - just basecoated. lots of work

Warpwolf - basecoat on the smooth fur done. lots of work left

Woldwyrd #2 - about 60% done, need to wash the stone with badad black, paint the ropes

Nyss Elves - too many fiddly details. going to be a pain


Druids of Orboros
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Shifting Stones

Oy. There goes my plan do stay Fully Painted with my Circle army.... damn internet and all its distractions! What I really need to do is go and finish the models that are 90+ percent done, and then move on to the halfpainted stuff, and then I can focus on the unpainted. It just takes time, and a willingness to switch paint pots every few minutes for fiddly details.

Random Thoughts:

I just got a chance to read Brun and Lug's entry on Battle College. Holy shit. My Circle army may hire the dwarf beatstick and his pet bear at some point in the future, because it gives me the brute force to handle heavy warjacks with impunity.

There's a long thread on the forums about Kromac, and after getting excited about him after every reading, I broke down and ordered Kromac and Evolution from the Warstore. I'm trying to support my LGS on most of my Circle purchases, but I can't justify $30 for a two-model warlock when the Warstore offers him for $22. I don't feel terribly guilty - after all, I'm still going to buy the bulk of my army from the LGS, which so far includes the Warpack and those Druids I just ordered.

Wrong-eye and Snapjaw - still "oooh"ing and "ahhh"ing over the models, and they have some nifty sneaky abilities, but so far we don't have a release date, which makes me a sad hippie. Oh well - it'll give me a chance to get some core army painting done, and plan the army a bit more.

Wolfriders will probably be picked up at some point, just for the sheer annoyance factor - last game they distracted a Behemoth for a good three turns, which I consider points well spent. Plus, it occurred to me that moving the unit, then casting Cloak of Mists on the single 'rider standing by Kaya would make them just icky, and a very aggravating unit for the opponent to deal with.

And that wraps up this edition of Dirty Hippie Druid News(DHDN). Off to work.