Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dirty Hippie Druids

So, a few weeks ago, after seeing the Shadowhorn Satyr and reading a friend's copy of Primal, I finally gave in and started a Circle Orboros army. I'm playing this one by ear, and trying to stick to models that I like, rather than ones that are "must-haves" just because of borken rules. Sorry Gorax, that means you'll stay far away from my army transport. The initial purchases consisted of lots of warbeasts... and two warlocks.

Circle Warpack
Gnarlhorn Satyr
2x Woldwyrd

I'm also going to try my damnedest to keep Fully Painted, which means trying(my damnedest) to space out purchases and limit myself to around $50/month. Yeah, I know I cheated with the first batch, but the warpack was the simplest way to get Kaya and a Warpwolf! Totally justified.

I've gotten in two games so far, and lost both. I'm not going to make excuses; I've been playing Khador for years, and I know the game. But I did end up making tactical errors that I'll chalk up to inexperience with Hordes. Either way, I'm looking forward to learning the faction, and being Circle, it'll teach me to be much more aggressive than I usually am. With Khador I can take a beating until I need to give one, but with the dirty hippie druids I need to dictate where and when I fight, and the faster I can do that, the faster I can lock down my opponent and make him react to me instead.


It's Circle. That means lots of browns, greys, neutral colors.

Random comment: Kaya's weapon arm is a bitch to fit on there properly, and it needs pinned, which makes it even worse. Kaya's done, and her arm is on there, with a pin... but there's a visible gap at her shoulder that needs greenstuff. Or I could rip the arm off and try again... which frankly, I'm not too excited about. Other than that, she looks great.

The Gnarlhorn got painted in Cryx Bane Highlight, thinned with glaze medium. I'm going for a grey goat, and so far I'm happy... I then took Greatcoat Grey and mixed it with the rest of the CBH on my palette with a bit more glaze medium, and covered his mohawk and the fur on the rest of him. And found that it's a wonderful compliment to the CBH, and works incredibly well as a subtle shade. So I went back and painted the valleys in his musculature, and again, I'm very happy with him. Thing is a beast, and probably heavier than some of my 'jacks, so holding him for long periods of time is a trial.


Next up will probably be the Druids and the Overseer, to add some infantry support to the army. I'm proxying right now, and they're probably the most versatile unit I could get - like a Swiss army knife. The Overseer adds way more than 28 points worth of utility, and I'm glad he's so cheap, for all the extra options he gives.

Bloodtrackers are another core infantry unit that I'll be picking up at some point, but I'm leaving out the Wolves of Orboros - part of that "collect only models I like" thing.

And with Wrong-eye and Snapjaw out soon(my guess is May), I'm very tempted to get a full unit of gatormen as my heavy hitters. Expensive points-wise, but with three attacks each, combined with Krueger, they're melee monsters.

And that wraps up this edition of Onii's Circle ramblings. Stay tuned for further updates.

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