Saturday, January 15, 2005

Frustration upon Frustration

One of the problems with blogging is that often one's friends will be able to read the blog. Which means that as far as you're concernced, your online journal is open to the world. Not always a good thing. And livejournal is down, and I don't have any experience with Blogger, and so I'm whiny and frustrated.

Vampires. Vampires have always fascinated me. *cue Godsmack* Creatures of the undead, blah blah blah. Yeah. I think it's the whole immortality thing. But you have to ask, is it worth it? I still haven't figured that out yet.
I dislike Blogger intensely. I really do. And Tabitha's seemed fairly distracted lately, and I don't know why, and it's bugging me. Off for now. Livejournal better be back up soon. Grrr.