Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hippie Druids Continue

I managed to pick up a blackclad wayfarer and a gorax last week(finally!) and have been slowly working on those two. The blackclad is getting painted slowly but surely, and I'm trying to keep my paints watered down and use multiple coats to get a good decent coverage on the black primer.

The gorax was cut apart and reposed to change the stock pose in small but important ways. He's now stepping forward just a bit, and his arms are getting a repose as well. The face will be the biggest change; I just have to get up the courage to start sculpting in green stuff.

I've also been making some mushrooms for bases, which are actually really fun to make. Also, gobber houses are back, and two are in production right now.



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ok, I Got This

Here we gooooo!

If you're interested in getting some miniatures painted, look us up on Facebook!

Just follow the above button to view our page, and feel free to send me an email for pricing quotes on various items! Send a mail to: with the title heading PAINTING.

I strive for a high tabletop quality, which means that your miniatures will look good on the table even if you're a few feet away. I use Privateer Press' P3 as well as Games Workshop paints, and take care with each model.

Testing Like Button

Another test.

A Test for Something New

I recently started a Facebook page for a painting service I've started, which will also encompass a lot of my sewn products from Etsy and so on.

Here's the Facebook "Like" box that hopefully will work...

If it doesn't, you can look up Greyed Out Productions on Facebook to find me.