Friday, March 13, 2009

Painting Log, Oh Boy.

Right now the list stands as follows:

Gnarlhorn - last details and loincloth

Argus #1 - last bits of armor detail

Argus #2 - just basecoated. lots of work

Warpwolf - basecoat on the smooth fur done. lots of work left

Woldwyrd #2 - about 60% done, need to wash the stone with badad black, paint the ropes

Nyss Elves - too many fiddly details. going to be a pain


Druids of Orboros
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Shifting Stones

Oy. There goes my plan do stay Fully Painted with my Circle army.... damn internet and all its distractions! What I really need to do is go and finish the models that are 90+ percent done, and then move on to the halfpainted stuff, and then I can focus on the unpainted. It just takes time, and a willingness to switch paint pots every few minutes for fiddly details.

Random Thoughts:

I just got a chance to read Brun and Lug's entry on Battle College. Holy shit. My Circle army may hire the dwarf beatstick and his pet bear at some point in the future, because it gives me the brute force to handle heavy warjacks with impunity.

There's a long thread on the forums about Kromac, and after getting excited about him after every reading, I broke down and ordered Kromac and Evolution from the Warstore. I'm trying to support my LGS on most of my Circle purchases, but I can't justify $30 for a two-model warlock when the Warstore offers him for $22. I don't feel terribly guilty - after all, I'm still going to buy the bulk of my army from the LGS, which so far includes the Warpack and those Druids I just ordered.

Wrong-eye and Snapjaw - still "oooh"ing and "ahhh"ing over the models, and they have some nifty sneaky abilities, but so far we don't have a release date, which makes me a sad hippie. Oh well - it'll give me a chance to get some core army painting done, and plan the army a bit more.

Wolfriders will probably be picked up at some point, just for the sheer annoyance factor - last game they distracted a Behemoth for a good three turns, which I consider points well spent. Plus, it occurred to me that moving the unit, then casting Cloak of Mists on the single 'rider standing by Kaya would make them just icky, and a very aggravating unit for the opponent to deal with.

And that wraps up this edition of Dirty Hippie Druid News(DHDN). Off to work.

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