Monday, March 07, 2005

Posts(both lamp and written)

Yes, I'm going to cross-post this one. If you can't handle that, then fuck you and the horse you rode in on. =D Sorry, I just felt like typing that out.
Life moves as always, we're starting historical shirts in Costuming, and it will be bad ass, because I'm making a shirt for myself, dammit, and I will(hopefully ) wear it to Ren Faire this year. It will be uber. And Stacy mentioned to Tracey that she loves the bodice she has for her prom dress in the play, so of course I'm going to be a moron and ask her if she wants me to make one for her. Because I'm just like that. Not that anything will necessarily come of it, but I feel like I should ask anyways. My skills aren't that 1337 yet. I hope I can pull it off.
No word yet on Ohio, which makes me sad. =( I really hope I can go, I truly do. I want to go, I *need* to go. Because it will be my first trip outside Texas in about 14 years, and because it's an xF gathering, and because many people will be there, Fae among them. Spring break will be spent working so as to have spending cash during the trip. Yes, yes it will. But I'll try to sleep as well, and relax, and talk to friends both online and in meatspace.
Ambra and I hung out after the geology test today, which was great.. because Shawn got out of his class fifty minutes early to try and intercept us, only to find that I'd already been with her for nearly an hour. Priceless. I love making him jealous. He's just clingy enough to make it all worthwhile. And as long as Ambra doesn't mind, why should I stop? After all, it's something I can do with no action at all on my part, except for being in Ambra's presence when he comes around.
It's quite idiotic to try and keep this thing personal and introspective only, especially when you know exactly who's going to be reading it. So, forget introspectiveness. I've emailed Zoe a few times, and she's actually pretty nifty to talk to. I'm sure that will increase tenfold when she's not sick with fever. =) I've thought about doing the Japanese major thing, but Theatre got its claws into me first. Which I must say, I'm enjoying quite a bit.
I have time now, for a few days before we finish the run of the show, and I'm quite enjoying the fact that I have free time now. I went out today and bought fabric for my Ren-shirt. White cotton with a light-green plaid design on it. The plain white cotton was too short, which irked me to no end. But I'll manage with the other stuff, and now that I know roughly how it goes, the second shirt will be much easier. Also, many thanks go to Kate for posting her "quick and dirty Ren shirts" guide. *squozes* If I make it to Ohio, I'll start my greatcoat after I get back. I'm very much wanting to do that project as well; I can only hope that I find enough time. And speaking of which, I still have several bags to make for people. That design will slowly improve as well.
*grins* I'm feeling rather good at the moment. It's a nice feeling, actually. Now I should do some homework, and then head to bed until later tonight.

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