Sunday, March 27, 2005

Not in the band

Being second fiddle hurts sometimes, it really does. I know I can't change it, I don't think... but it does hurt, somewhere. I should get used to it though, maybe. In three days(or is it four?), I leave for Ohio, and often lately it's felt like I'm walking toward something of Great Importance. Like my destiny is screaming out towards me. It's a ...scary feeling. I have very bad luck when handling dice, and it seems that it transfers to life occasionally also. Not that that should matter. I really hope it doesn't. But I think I'll find out, in Ohio. I'm listening to the song that reminds me of her, and having thoughts. A maelstrom of thought, and its screaming inside my head, wanting to get out and be told. But it's not always possible to tell everything. I know it's melodrama, but that's ok.. everyone needs some in their lives. Right? Right. *decisive nod* And so I'll see what happens, and come out of it with lessons learned and scars earned.

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