Friday, December 31, 2010

Dirty Hippie Druids Return

The past few weeks and months have brought many changes, and 2011 is looking to be a wonderful year. This past May I graduated with a degree in Theatre from West Texas A&M University, and I'm really looking forward to getting more sewing and crafting experience. A very short time ago I moved to Atlanta to live with my fiancee, and recently had a chance to visit a really great store, Giga-Bites Cafe in Marietta, to play some Warmachine against new opponents.

The dirty hippie druids have been growing much more slowly than I'd like, but I'm hoping to expand with a few infantry units and some constructs soon. I'm hoping to start a miniature painting service soon, for tabletop standard for those people who don't have the time or inclination to paint their own stuff.

Also, I found that the iPhone takes surprisingly good pictures.


The Stoneward and Woldstalkers are the very latest addition to my army, and painted just a few weeks ago.


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