Friday, August 01, 2008


So, I won't be attending WTAMU in the fall; instead, I'll be staying here, helping out at the restaurant. Watching over family. I'm pretty sure it's the right decision, and it's better to be close than far away. As I told Orren today, there's no way to get home quickly when you're 600 miles away on campus. Anne was understanding, and will be taking over my Proof design - I was really excited to do it, but with Mom's passing away there's almost no way I could be back in school for fall, and I think I'd be more distracted than anything else anyways. I'm partially still in a "get distracted, think about simple things" mode, I think...

I weighed myself earlier, and I'm at 205.5 lbs, some 20 lbs heavier than I used to be, but 5 pounds lighter than at Christmas. I'd like to lose that weight again, it's annoying that my shirts are all tighter and my pants even more so. Now that I have the luxury(ha ha ha) of free time on my days off, I can get some sort of plan in the works to get in shape, and do other stuff.

I'd like to start:
getting to bed earlier - maybe around 1am each night.
wake up earlier - that way I don't lose half the day to sleep
exercise in the mornings, even if it's just walking
spend afternoons writing and drawing
paint more
get good at painting/writing/drawing
experiment with art supplies

Lots and lots to do, and part of it includes procrastinating less and spending far less time on the computer. I honestly don't need to check my email every twenty minutes, and Flickr will certainly still be there seven hours later. All that time could be put to much better use. Yes, I work 11-hour days for part of the week, but I also have days off, and in that time I can be productive and not sit around doing nothing of importance.

Lacey moved, and is no longer homeless, which is good. Also, there is new address, and that means more letter-writing! Woot! And I got some new parchment, which will be nice to use, rather than whatever bits of paper I could get my hands on. Now though, it's 1am... and I think I'm off to bed for sleep.


Sparky said...

You know, I've been thinking about the same thing... Actually getting into a routine of seriously getting our of bed at 7am every day, so weekdays aren't as difficult.

But my mattress on the floor is soooooo damned comfy! Even Relly had to fight to get me out of it this morning. Granted, she got me up with enough time to make and drink tea, wash and dry my hair (that's seriously a half-hour ordeal), AND find something that was clean to wear to work today. AND I was on time today for the first time in about 3 weeks!

...But my bed was still soooooo comfy... I'm going to crawl back into it now (I'm only half-serious...) and think about how much comfier it would be with you in it too! :)

Onii said...

It's not the being up early... I think once I'm awake and halfway exercising I'll be ok. It's the damned getting up! Sure, I can set my alarm for 8am - doesn't help a damn if I don't actually get out of bed. Sigh. But you're right, it's sooooo comfy... and would indeed be more comfy with you in it. =) This week was pretty made of fail in that whole "get up early" thing, but there's always Saturday and Sunday...