Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Blog

So, since Sparky linked me on her own blog, I guess I'm a bit obligated to post more often, eh? Usually my blogspot's reserved for writerly-type writings of the fiction sort, but I suppose I can make an exception for a bit. Not like I have time(with school and everything) to come up with fiction anyways.

Not much news lately... the end of the semester approaches, and I have quite a bit of work to do between now and then, as well as study for finals.

I still have points where I go "holy fuck! I'm in a relationship!" (with Sparky no less, whom I've liked for ages now... ) No, really. (and Lacey, if you're reading this - yeah, I've totally had a crush on you almost from the beginning.) It's just always been one of those cases of "won't happen, no way, no chance... distance is too great, etc etc.) Except that now... we're together. And just typing that makes me grin like mad. Who'd have ever thought? I certainly didn't. But it's a wonderful feeling, and I love how she makes me feel. (I'm also a total hopeless romantic sometimes.) Anyways. Now that that's typed, I'm going to crash. Sleep calls, and I'm always up way past my bedtime. =)

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Sparky said...

Dear Mr. Smitten: ;)

You don't have to post more often, and you certainly don't have to change the way you post... I just linked to you because I know my readers... they can be nosy, and facebook profiles don't really tell you much about a person.