Saturday, February 19, 2005

Crossing Wires

I'm once again getting sick of the pursuit of happiness and a romantic relationship with someone. Ambra's utterly indecisive about whether she wants Shawn or not, and probably in extent also about whether she wants me or not. Which is why I've put off calling her about tomorrow for the past 7 or so hours. And Stacy is well, not wanting a relationship. Supposedly. Which, I've heard from two different women, means that she probably wouldn't object to one if something came up. I, however, am clueless and have no idea how to go about making something come up. Maybe I shall ask her to see Constantine, since she likes horror flicks. Yeah, I know it's more action than horror, but whatever.

Still though, I feel like this blog has become nothing but a soapbox from which I rant and rave and complain and bitch about my lovelife or lack thereof. So maybe I should either A)stop trying so hard and just give up or B)try even harder and be assertive about what I want and see if that accomplishes anything. Because what I'm doing now is apparently doing fuck-all nothing. Nada. Squat.

Maybe I should try and blog about other things. But why bother? Rehearsals are going well, we're two weeks from opening and things are coming together really well. Stacy's little duet with Raymond is fucking amazing, it's become one of my favorite songs. Our song, "The Perfect Family", is also great, at least choreography-wise. I found that now that I don't have to sing the damn thing, it's much more fun to do. And our routine rocks.
I'm slowly becoming better at sewing and using the machines in the costume shop. I made Ambra a little purse-bag thing, and it turned out really good-looking, and now both Tabitha and Fae want one as well. Which means I have discovered a business opportunity, mwahahaha. Though for Tabitha's I'll probably need different fabric for the outside... if Ambra and Taba happen to run into each other while both carrying the same bag, it might not turn out so well for me. And I've asked Tracey to find a Ren Faire shirt pattern for me, since patterns are $0.99 each this weekend at the store. I've also thought of ways to make a satchel that a guy wouldn't be afraid to carry in public, something cool-looking and suave or whatever. Because it might come in useful.

As my mind wanders back to Stacy.... Sad, isn't it? Well, maybe not. She's one of the few(if not only) people I can actually talk with about music and iPods and such, which is so much fun. Our longest conversations thus far have been about music it seems. She's definately cool and I'd love to get to know her better.

I still need to get an application for a scholarship, because I really want to apply for a Drama scholarship this semester so I can try to get one for fall. That would be much easier all around, and I think I stand a really good chance of getting one. I'm getting to know Tracey better, since I spend so much time in the costume shop, and I can use my projects from the class on the portfolio that's recommended when applying for Drama scholarships.

Wow, long blog post. I also talked to Fade last night for the first time in ages, which was an interesting little conversation. She's in drama also...

And for posterity's sake(whatever that might mean or indicate about me) I'm going to be tech-ish and cross-post this on both LJ and blogspot. If you know my AIM name, then you can find my blogspot blog. It doesn't have much in it yet. Not at all. But maybe it should. And to whomever should stumble across it, it's there for a reason.

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